Quality Inspection Method for Internal Structure of Silicon Waveguide Devices


May 12, 2022

Background / Context / Abstract:

Modeling of the internal structure of devices is important for the evaluation of various optical devices including silicon waveguide devices, but there are few methods for structural inspection along the propagation axis.
In this technology, a precisely profiled optical pulse is passed through a silicon waveguide device with unknown nonlinear constants as a probe light, and the spectrum acquired by the spectrometer is divided into small spaces in the longitudinal direction for analysis to perform structural modeling of the silicon waveguide device.
The inventor has already conducted principle confirmation simulations and experimental verification, and confirmed that the change in the fundamental structure can be estimated by simulating the distribution measurement of the effective cross-sectional area of the tapered waveguide.

Tsuyoshi KONISHI (Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor)
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  •  Nonlinear spectral changes can be used to model the structure of silicon waveguide devices.
  •  Structure estimation is performed based on the agreement between the spectral data of the probe light pulse and the simulation data.
  • By dividing the analysis into small spaces in the longitudinal direction, it is possible to estimate for each divided section.

Potential Applications / Potential Markets:

Silicon Waveguide Devices

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IP Status:

WO2014/112020(Issued: JP,US,CN)


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