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Osaka University Innovators’ Club is a community for students who are interested in innovation, new businesses, startups, and student entrepreneurship. Members mutually enhance one another and take off as innovators from here.

■Let’s be the next generation’s innovators.
We believe that it is the innovators who keep changing the world. This is because innovation has an aspect as a “process to question accepted ways of doing things and to create new ways of perceiving those activities.” Osaka University provides an environment for you to become an innovator. Will you become a next-generation innovator in the Innovators’ Club and launch out into the world?

■Privileges of Innovators’ Club members
1. Opportunity to start up one’s own project and participate in mentoring and fund-raising
2. Provision of special space for Innovators’ Club activities
3. Participation in tours at venture businesses which were started by Osaka University students
4. Priority for participation in events such as workshops
5. Provision of Osaka University Innovation Guide
6. Advice on registration in innovation subjects

■Registration form for the Osaka University Innovators’ Club
This form is used to register in the Osaka University Innovators’ Club, which was founded on October 1. More information will be published as it becomes available.