Subsidiaries Owned by Osaka University

Osaka University has established subsidiaries as an initiative to broadly implement and apply research outcomes in society. Through their operations, these subsidiaries will pursue innovation and solving social issues, and contribute to creating a society where each member leads a meaningful and fulfilling life.

OSAKA University Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (OUVC)

Founded in December 2015, OUVC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Osaka University approved by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan. It established the OUVC 1st Limited Partnership for Investment (OUVC 1st Fund) in July 2015 and the OUVC 2nd Limited Partnership for Investment (OUVC 2nd Fund) in January 2021. As a company that carries out “programs for supporting the utilization of specified research results,”* OUVC utilizes investments to provide business creation and support of research outcomes at universities, which are the driving force of innovation. This will lead to the feeding back of research outcomes to society and the production of world-class startups.

*The term “program for supporting the utilization of specified research results” as used in “Act on Strengthening Industrial Competitiveness” means a program to provide advice, funds, or other necessary support for the business activities of a person who utilizes, in its business activities, the results of research on technology conducted by a national university corporation, which contributes to the advancement of research at the national university corporation.