Consortium for a Co-Creative Future


The Consortium for a Co-Creative Future, a system established in April 2020 for collaboration between industry and Osaka University, aims to provide new forms of social, academic, and business values to society.
In the consortium, the Co-Creation Bureau and a company have comprehensive discussions to delve into essential issues in society and design innovative solutions, based on the company’s fundamental perspectives and ideas.
It is noteworthy that, in case of a challenge that is too complicated to be addressed by ordinary collaborative research of one researcher and one company, the consortium makes it possible to plan and launch a joint research project involving transdisciplinary researchers and even other companies of different industries as well.
The Co-Creation Bureau will pursue the promotion of open-innovation activities brought by faithful academic-industrial partnerships at the consortium by leveraging inter-organizational partnerships beyond disciplinary and industry boundaries.


The Consortium for a Co-Creative Future consists of the following steps.

Step 0: Consultation Session

Coordinators from the Co-Creation Bureau provide a detailed description of the consortium and term definitions for common understanding. The company shares its perspective on social issues and background information with the coordinators.

Step 1-1: Review Session (Phase 1)

Through discussions, the company and coordinators collaboratively review the social issues of interest and a list of related research at Osaka University, then narrow down the scope of challenges.

Step1-2: Review Session (Phase 2)

Based on the conclusions drawn from Phase 1, the company and coordinators collaboratively identify a specific challenge to be addressed. To this end, representative researchers can be interviewed or invited to a workshop if required.

Step 2: Project Planning

The company, researchers, and coordinators jointly discuss potential approaches to the issue identified in the previous step, then build a plan for a co-creation research project. Coordinators will also introduce potential researchers for collaboration if necessary.

Step3: Project Execution
After a decision is made by the company, the collaborative research project is launched.