The Co-Creation Bureau was established in January 2018 as a core organization connecting external and internal partners with the aim of creating virtuous cycles of knowledge, talent, and funds through co-creative activities involving industry, academia, government and the private sector. Under supervision of its Executive Director, the Bureau promotes collaboration between industry, government and academia through activities by the following Divisions and Office.

While maintaining an emphasis on conventional industry-academia collaboration (intellectual property and venture business incubation), the Bureau is also strengthening its community partnership and fundraising functions. In April 2020, it opened the Office of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration as a one-stop consultation point for external partners, and in October of the same year established the Collaborative Research Services Office to handle contracting for joint research projects with corporate partners and the like. In April 2023, the Conflict of Interest Office was established to strengthen the management of conflicts of interest. In April 2024, the Office of Global Marketing was established to strengthen the coordination of global business development, and the Office of Industry-Academia Legal Support was established to strengthen the legal support for the creation of university-launched ventures.